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                          Science of Cannabis

                          New program launching Spring 2019

                          In partnership with the Peter Boris Centre for Addictions Research and the Michael G. DeGroote Centre for Medicinal Cannabis Research, McMaster is excited to announce ?one of the first evidence-based, post-secondary programs focused on the science behind the substance.

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                          Whether you want to upgrade your current skills, earn a professional designation or change your field, McMaster University Continuing Education can help you build your career with certificates, diplomas and professional development programs.

                          Choose from more than 200 courses and workshops. Learn online or in person in the evenings or on weekends. Areas of focus include Business & Management, Communication & Design, Health & Social Services and Metallurgy.

                          Achieve your personal and career goals with McMaster University Continuing Education.

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                          Student Stories

                          • Accounting grad builds a career in Canada

                            Jing is not afraid of taking on a new challenge. After completing a master's degree in finance in China, she began a new life in Toronto in 2013. The key to her first job in Canada? The McMaster fast-track accounting diploma.

                          • Marketing has gone digital

                            Laura was facing the challenge of wanting to make use of her marketing skills and transition to the online world of digital marketing. She now works in search engine optimization. "Since attending the [digital marketing] program, my confidence has soared. Now I can find the job that I'm looking for."

                          • McMaster employee completes 2 diplomas

                            "If you work at McMaster, you should definitely go to school." Mara took advantage of McMaster's tuition assistance program to pay for courses at McMaster Continuing Education, setting her up for success and growth in her role as an Executive Assistant in Communications and Public Affairs.

                          Featured Programs

                          • NEW! Science of Cannabis

                            Understand the science behind the substance with this 3-course academic certificate of completion. If you work in the healthcare, education, public service, or community betterment sectors - you should check out this new program!

                          • Professional Addiction Studies

                            There are big changes happening in Canada. Help your clients by updating your knowledge in this online program. Recognized by the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation. Ongoing applications, courses start every term.

                          • Big Data, Bigger Career

                            A hands-on, in-person program to train for some of the most in-demand business roles available today. Explore Big Data Analytics and Foundations of Analytics now.

                          • Professional Development Online

                            Develop your skills quickly with these short, non-credit courses and certificates which offer a wide variety of specialized professional development and personal interest topics.